Ginvent 2017 – Sacred Cardamom Gin

Welcome to week two of Ginvent! At the quarter way mark we today try Sacred Cardamom gin. Sacred gin is apparently the only commercial distillery based in a residential house. Ian Hart had toyed with the idea of making a gin – specifically a London Dry style gin made in London by a Londoner – and in 2008 he made this dream a reality. Most gins are distilled in a pot still, but Ian used his science background to try a vacuum distillation process. This allows it to distil at a lower temperature and create deeper, richer flavours. After 22 attempts, the panel of taste testers down his local pub decided that try 23 was the one. Since then, the range has grown to include eight gins, two vodkas, two whiskys, three vermouths, a pre-made negroni and a rosehip cup. The gins available focus on a key botanical note, which today is showcasing cardamom. Of all the things I’ve learnt since starting this blog, my love of cardamom is probably the best. So this should be an exciting evening.

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