Jenny’s Gin Shelf

I thought it would be fun to list the gin I currently have on my (many) shelves – note: these are full sized bottles only, can’t be bothered to include miniatures. Also, if I’ve written [gifted] next to it, that means the distillery team have sent me a bottle to try in the last year, otherwise I’ve paid for them myself or been given them by family/friends. So, here we go:

987 Nueveochosiete

Agras gin

Animus Distillery – Macedon Dry gin

Arbikie – AK’s gin

Archangel gin

Avva gin

Batch – Frankincense and Myrrh gin

Batch – Gin Rummy

Bathtub gin

Bertha’s Revenge Sloe gin

Blossom & Hops gin

Boatyard Double gin

Botanic W&H Ultra Premium gin

Botany Bay gin

Brentingby gin – Black

Brighton – Navy Strength gin

Bristol Dry gin

Bullards Old Tom gin

Burleigh’s – Distiller’s Cut gin

Cabin Pressure gin

City of London Christopher Wren gin

City of London Authentic London Dry gin

City of London Distillery Six Bells gin

City of London Distillery The Square Mile gin

Colombo No.7

Conker gin

Copperfield A Christmas Carol gin

Cuckoo gin

Daffy’s Manor Racing gin

Dartmouth gin

Drumshanbo gunpowder gin

Dry Island gin

Durham gin

Edgerton pink gin

Edinburgh gin – Seaside edition

Elg – No 1

Elg – No 2 Old Tom

Elg – No 3 Navy Strength

Elg – No 4

Fidra gin

Gael gin

Greenalls Sloe gin

Gutsy Monkey – Winter gin

Gwyr gin

Gwyr – Rhosili gin

Gwyr – Bara Brith gin [gifted]

Gwyr – Rhamanta gin

Gwyr – Rhosili Dragon Strength gin

Hayman’s Royal Dock gin

Hendricks gin

Hendricks Orbium gin

Hidden Curiosities Aranami Strength gin

Hills & Harbour gin

Hyke gin

Isle of Harris gin

Kirkjuvagr – Aurora gin

The Lakes Pink Grapefruit gin [gifted]

Langley Old Tom gin

Loch Ness gin

Ludlow Elderflower, Chamomile and Lemon Verbena gin

Mackintosh Mariner Strength gin

Mackintosh Old Tom gin

Manly Spirits – Coastal Citrus gin

Monkey 47 gin

Nelson’s – Gluggle Jug Gin

Never Never Juniper Freak

One gin -Sage and Apple

Opihr gin

Pickerings – 2017 Tattoo edition gin

Pothecary gin

Pothecary Smuggler’s Strength

Rabbit Island gin

Roehill Springs Gin No.5 [Gifted]

Sculte gin

Shortcross gin

Shortcross Bartender Series One gin

Siegfried gin

Stonecutter gin

Stranger & Sons gin

Taplin & Mageean gin

Tarquin’s gin – British Blackberry

Tarquin’s gin – Cornish Christmas

Tarquin’s gin – Treth Ha Mog

Tarquin’s Seadog gin

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Cucamelon

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Finger Lime

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Strawberry and Balsamico

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Shortcross Gin

TOAD Oxford Dry gin

Twelve Keys gin

Tyree gin

Vanagandr gin

Vidda Torr gin

Gin Volcanic

Von Hallers gin

Wessex Gin

Wicked Wolf gin

Zeiver gin [gifted]