Gin Lane 1751

This blog is a shout out to one of my favourite gin people – Cherry Constable. Not only is she lovely and super knowledgeable about everything, she also sends me gin in the post, yay! Today we’re talking about Gin Lane 1751, as the name suggests they take inspiration from the Victorian style of gin which favours juniper berries, liquorice and citrus. Their lineup contains four gins – a London dry, the ‘Victoria’ pink, the Old Tom and a 47% Royal Strength. Today we’re drinking the Pink and Old Tom gins. Both 40% ABV, the pink gin follows in the Navy’s footsteps by blending gin with herbal and spiced bitters – a trick that supposedly cured sea sickeness – and the Old Tom which ramps up the star anise and adds a touch of sugar with a softer, sweeter profile. Continue reading

Distiller’s Tonic

Today I continue my quest to explore the world of tonic water with Distillers Tonic. I tried their tonic in the tonic taste here (which you can read here). Distillers Tonic was owned by Bramley & Gage (of 6 O’Clock gin) but was sold to a group who want to focus on bringing out the best of every gin. They expanded the range and now have two tonics: Original, the clean, fresh tasting tonic which is low in sugar and balances the natural quinine with lemon and lime; and Dry which has half the calories of the original with only a trace of sugar.

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Two Birds Cocktail Gin

Two Birds has been one of my favourites since I was given a bottle of their London Dry gin a few years ago (and one of my first blogs) and their Old Tom gin is a delight. Today I’m trying their Cocktail Gin (as donated by Leahtheminx – thanks!). The cocktail gin is a specially distilled version of their London Dry which has ramped up the juniper but kept the 40% ABV. They say there isn’t a gin based cocktail that this doesn’t work in, but they recommend mixing with with apple juice, elderflower syrup and ice. Continue reading

6 O’Clock Brunel edition gin

Another day, another gin. To those that finished Dry January, I salute you. To those that didn’t…that’s probably why we are friends. Today I am drinking 6 O’Clock’s Brunel Edition gin. I should admit I stole a sample of this from one of my visits to Gin Foundry…but I did ask for permission first! I’ve tried their London Dry before (which you can read here) and this edition is distilled with even more juniper and six new botanicals – plus has had a limited bottling run.

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