Ginvent 2016


This year I treated myself to the Gin Foundry/Drinks by the Dram Ginvent Calendar. Here’s my attempt at a blog a day.

1st – Half Hitch Gin

2nd – Strane London Dry Gin Merchant Strength

3rd – City of London Christopher Wren

4th – Strathearn Distillery Heather Rose Gin

5th – Slingsby Gin

6th – nginious! Smoked and salted

7th – Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin

8th – Tarquin’s The Seadog Navy Strength Gin

9th – Elephant Sloe Gin

10th – Makar Old Tom Gin

11th – Napue Gin

12th – Pinkster Gin

13th – Porter’s Gin

14th – Sharish Blue Magic Gin

15th – Pothecary Gin

16th – Bishop’s Gin

17th – Audemus Pink Peppercorn Gin

18th – Hernö Sloe Gin

19th – Sibling Gin

20th – Berliner Brandstifter Gin

21st – Fishers Gin

22nd – 58 Gin

23rd – Ancient Mariner Gin

24th – Ginvent Gin