Ginvent 2018 – Campfire Navy Strength gin

Last year we were able to try Puddingstone Distillery‘s Campfire London Dry gin, and today we have another Navy Strength gin. Their Navy Strength uses the same botanicals as their London Dry including roasted hazelnuts, golden berries and rooibos tea, but with a small tweak to increase the juniper profile. The ABV is also increased from 42% to 57% which is quite the leap, yet Puddingstone say that it is still smooth and easy to drink. Let’s put that to the test shall we?

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Ginvent 2017 – Campfire Gin

It’s day 10 of Ginvent and I went out last night so we’re actually trying the day 9 gin – for which I am very happy. I have heard lots of good things about today’s gin and have wanted to try it for ages, and now I can! Today we try Campfire Gin, a gin from Tring that appeared after 18 months of experimenting and a successful crowdfunding campaign. They use 10 botanicals in their gin, including hazelnut, coffee cherry, lavender and golden berry. As well as their original recipe gin, they also produce a Navy Strength and Cask Aged gin, along with seasonal variations. So let’s end the wait and see how this tastes. Continue reading