Audemus Pink Pepper Gin

Audemus Pink Pepper gin hails from Cognac in France, when founders Bob and Bert met in 2014, over soup. Obviously. Their Pink Pepper gin is widely known as their flagship product and they dedicate each batch of their gin to their family, friends and people who have helped the brand over the years. They say the flavour changes as you drink the gin. The first prominent flavours are pink peppercorns (yup, who’d have thunk it), juniper and cardamom, however when served over ice the vanilla, tonka and honey come out. I’m very excited about trying this – on which note I’d like to thank Orla for kindly donating a sample to me. I highly encourage you to check out her Instagram account to see her puppies Kyuss and Paloma. Continue reading

Ginvent 2016 – Audemus Pink Peppercorn Gin

img_9823Another day, another gin. Today’s gin is Audemus Pink Pepper Gin. Hailing from France, Audemus gin uses traditional techniques “blended with a modern alchemy and a passion for innovation”. Pink Peppercorn sounds like a good example of this. Their Pink Pepper fin is designed “to be an entirely unique, intense and aromatic gin”. The flavour should change from a spicy pink pepper and juniper blend to a warmer vanilla and honey tone as the gin ages and comes to room temperature.

img_9825Straight from the bottle the smell is very fresh and slightly savoury – not what I expected for something that tastes of honey as it warms (this has been sat in my lounge for the last month so it’s not exactly cold…). It smells smooth (yes I know that’s strange) but I can sense the vanilla. This tastes nothing like I expected. The pepper comes out, with the smoother softer vanilla at the back of the tongue. Making it into a G&T, this is certainly unusual. The pepper tastes fade away, and it is reminiscent of cake. The vanilla and honey are more prominent than expected, and not in a bad way. It’s smooth to drink, with no nasty alcohol burn. Sweet, but not cloying, I quite like this. Do I think I could drink this every day? No, but as a one off now and again it is certainly a nice change. And this comes from someone that doesn’t like a sweet gin.

img_9826You can find Audemus spirits on Facebook and in basically no shops so find them over on Masters of Malt where a 70cl bottle (44% ABV) will set you back £45.91 (at time of writing).

Have you tried the Pink Pepper Gin? Let me know what you think over on Twitter and Instagram, and catch up on Ginvent here.