Ginvent 2019 – Slingsby Gooseberry gin

Day 6Today’s gin is becoming a staple in the Ginvent calendars; in 2016 we tried Slingsby gin, in 2017 we tried their rhubarb gin, and today we try their gooseberry edition. A proud Yorkshire business, Slingsby gin started in 2015 and since their launch have developed six spirits in their main collection. Alongside the two we have already tried, they have a navy strength gin, a marmalade gin and a vodka. The gooseberry gin, in a beautiful green bottle, still uses their famous Harrogate water alongside their base spirit and locally sourced botanicals. Their Yorkshire-grown gooseberries are packed with vitamin C (so this is good for you, right?) and impart a burst of sharpness, that they say is balanced by the sweet citrus of their classic gin. So, how does it taste? Continue reading

Ginvent 2017 – Slingsby Ruhubarb Gin

We’ve finished week one of Ginvent and I’m excited for today. Slingsby gin is one of my favourite gins, and today we are trying their rhubarb gin. I’m not a massive rhubarb fan, or a flavoured gin fan, but this is one is one I’ve heard plenty of good things about. Made in Harrogate, Yorkshire, they focus on all of the ingredients in their gin. Particularly their water. Harrogate was the first place in Britain to bottle their fresh water and St John’s Well (discovered in 1631) was recognised as medicinal and restorative. Their botanicals are focused on this ethos, using locally sourced and hand picked plants to complement the fresh water and pure single grain spirit used to make their gin. So, let’s see how the rhubarb version tastes. Continue reading

Ginvent 2016 – Slingsby Gin

img_9562We’ve made it to day 5 and are treated to Slingsby Gin. When I tried this at the Brighton Gin Festival it stunned me to silence – a hard thing to do. Their website opens with a Charles Dickens quote, as if I couldn’t love them more. Based in Harrogate, Slingsby has a long history when William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the Tewit Well spring water in 1571, giving the town Spa status and this gin a name. The key botanicals are grown locally, and combined with other ingredients in Yorkshire – although some ingredients are imported from around the world.

img_9564It smells just as I remember. Juniper with a hint of fresh rain and lemon. It’s tangy on the tongue with a nice warmth to it. With tonic it’s perfect. I can’t say much more. I love this gin. And I’m happy I still love it. But really sad that it’s only a teeny tiny bottle. To anyone reading this and wondering what to get me for Christmas: it’s this gin please.

A bottle of Slingsby gin is currently £39.95 on Master of Malt and you’ll be fighting me for a bottle, and you can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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