Ginvent 2018 – Faith & Sons Mango Gin

I’m starting this with a bold statement: today’s gin will either be disgusting, or delicious. I don’t think there’s going to be an in between. Why? Today we try Faith & Sons mango gin. I like mango. I like gin. But I am not sure if I want the two together. Faith & Sons puree their organic mangoes which are then added to their (also organic) spirit, meaning they use no artificial flavours or colours. Regardless of the flavour, I am massively in love with the Manchester based distillery’s labels and square bottles. So, do we love it or loathe it?

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Symphonia No. 3 Gin

Note: Symphonia kindly sent me a sample to try and ramble about, but as always I’ll let you know if I’m not a fan.

Did you read about Symphonia No.1 and No. 2 gin? If not, shame on you and you can read about them here and here. The third (and currently final) gin in their range is a fruit cup. The fruit/summer cup trend seems to be growing from smaller distillers, perhaps due to the popularity of Pimms and the pink gin craze. So what makes the Symphonia fruit cup different? This 25% fruit spirit is made using raspberries from the distillery garden and berries foraged from the hedgerows in the Irish countryside. The lower ABV makes it perfect for sipping, or mixing with tonic, soda, prosecco or lemonade (essentially, whatever you want). One thing you instantly notice about this fruit cup is the colour – fruit cups usually have a pink/orange tinge to them but this is surprisingly clear.

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