Jenny’s Gin Shelf

I thought it would be fun to list the gin I have on my (many) shelves – note: these are full sized bottles only, can’t be bothered to include miniatures. Also, if I’ve written [gifted] next to it, that means the distillery team have sent me a bottle to try in the last year, otherwise I’ve paid for them myself or been given them by family/friends. So, here we go:

987 Nueveochosiete

Agras gin

Animus Distillery – Macedon Dry gin

Arbikie – AK’s gin

Archangel gin

Arcturus gin

Avva gin

Batch – Frankincense and Myrrh gin

Batch – Gin Rummy

Batch – Industrial Strength gin

Bathtub gin

Bedrock gin

Bertha’s Revenge Sloe gin

Blackwater No. 5 gin

Blossom & Hops gin

Boatyard Double gin

Botanic W&H Ultra Premium gin

Brentingby gin – Black [gifted]

Brighton gin

Brighton – Navy Strength gin [gifted]

Bristol Dry gin

Bullards Old Tom gin

Burleigh’s – Distiller’s Cut gin

Cabin Pressure gin

Colombo No.7

Conker gin

Copperfield A Christmas Carol gin

Cuckoo gin

Daffy’s gin

Dartmouth gin

Drumshanbo gunpowder gin

Drury 173 Rhubarb & Ginger gin liqueur

Dry Island gin

Durham gin

Edgerton pink gin

Edinburgh gin – Seaside edition

Elephant gin – Craft Gin Club edition

Elg – No 1

Elg – No 2 Old Tom

Elg – No 3 Navy Strength

Elg – No 4

Fidra gin [gifted]

Four Pillars – Bloody Shiraz 2017

Gael gin [gifted]

Greenalls Sloe gin

Gutsy Monkey – Winter gin

Gwyr gin

Gwyr – Pinwydd gin

Gwyr – Rhosili gin [gifted]

Gwyr – Bara Brith gin [gifted]

Hayman’s Royal Dock gin

Hendricks gin

Horse Guards gin [gifted]

Hortus gin

Hyke gin [gifted]

Langley Old Tom gin [gifted]

One gin -Sage and Apple

Kirkjuvagr – Aurora gin [gifted]

Loch Ness gin

Mackintosh gin [gifted]

Manly Spirits – Coastal Citrus gin [gifted]

Monkey 47 gin

NB gin – Navy Strength

Nelson’s – Gluggle Jug Gin

Opihr gin

Pickerings – 2017 Tattoo edition gin

Pothecary gin [gifted]

Pothecary Trinity gin [gifted]

Rabbit Island gin

Sculte gin

Shortcross gin

Siegfried gin

City of London Distillery – Six Bells gin

City of London Distillery – The Square Mile gin

Stonecutter gin

Taplin & Mageean gin [gifted]

Tarquin’s gin – British Blackberry

Tarquin’s gin – Cornish Christmas

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Cucamelon [gifted]

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Finger Lime [gifted]

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Strawberry and Balsamico [gifted]

That Boutiquey Gin Company – Shortcross Gin

Twelve Keys gin – [gifted]

Tyree gin – [gifted]

Vanagandr gin

Vidda Torr gin

Gin Volcanic

Von Hallers gin

Warner Edwards – Honeybee gin

Wessex Gin

Wicked Wolf gin – [gifted]

X gin